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16 Things That Will Help You Get Through Airport Security Faster

You never want to be the person holding up the entire line at airport security because your shoes have 100 buckles, your ticket isn’t ready and your toiletries aren’t in their own bag. Travel is stressful already, you don’t need the added pressure of a hundred passengers giving you the evil eye for setting off the metal detector with your belt.

To help your travel go as smoothly as possible, we’ve rounded up 15 things that can help you glide through TSA. From hands-free shoes you can slide in and out of to one-quart-sized toiletry bags that fit all the guidelines, these items will keep you organized on the go.

While we can’t guarantee that your flight will be on time or you’ll get the aisle seat you want, we hope these items make the hustle and bustle of travel a little less hectic. Use them to bring some order to your packing and ensure that checking into your flight is as easy as sitting on a beach during vacation.

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