Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston had some physical challenges filming 'Murder Mystery 2'

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“Murder Mystery 2” may want to include epsom salts as part of its marketing campaign.

The movie’s stars, Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, each reportedly had some aches and pains while working on the Netflix film.

Sandler told Variety he ended up having hip replacement shortly after filming.

“I had been doing so many movies in a row. I did ‘Spaceman’ and I was hanging in harness all the time. I kept saying, ‘Something’s going on with my hip, man. I’m in trouble,’ Sandler said. “And then during this and this other movie I did I was like, ‘Yeah, I definitely gotta x-ray that thing,’ and we were in trouble.”

The funnyman did some of his own stunts and said, “Everything’s scary at 56 years old.”

“You never know what the hell you’re gonna get up from. I’m sluggy, man. My body hurts,” he said. “Jennifer is in good shape. I didn’t think I needed to get in shape before the movie but then when we were shooting, I was like, ‘Man, I should have gotten in shape.’”

According to Aniston, she didn’t escape without her own wear and tear.

She told the publication that on the final day of filming she aggravated an old back injury.

“I had a back injury about three years ago and it got really pissed off when I was in the harness,” Aniston said. “It was literally the last thing I shot. It was one of those things where you wake up the next day or two days later and you’re like, ‘Wow, that got bad.’”

“Murder Mystery 2” starts streaming Friday on Netflix.