Anti-LGBTQ Republican Reveals Favorite Photo ‘Orientations’ On ‘Weekend Update’

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Tennessee Lt. Gov. Randy McNally (played by Molly Kearney), who made multiple comments on a gay 20-year-old man’s racy Instagram photos despite support for bills targeting LGBTQ people, said he’d support “any man who puts his body online for others” in a “Weekend Update” parody on “SNL.”

Kearney’s character follows a report from the Tennessee Holler that revealed McNally’s commenting habits, behavior a spokesperson chalked up to his enjoyment of interacting with constituents.

The mock governor told “Weekend Update” co-host Colin Jost that he comments on photos of “all the orientations.”

“Orientations like from the side, from the front, from the back, there does not have to be a butt but it helps,” the Republican quipped.

The governor, who walked their fingers across Jost’s desk, later joked that they were looking out for “the little guy, Joe average, every Tom, Dick and hairless.”

The Tennessee politician then emphasized why they’re a proud conservative.

“I respect police officers, firefighters, any man who puts his body online for others,” the Republican said.

You can watch more of the “Saturday Night Live” bit, and other clips from “Weekend Update,” below.