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Bill Hader Found Out He’s Related To Comedy Royalty, And It All Makes Sense

Bill Hader just found out that he’s related to comedy royalty, and things are getting a little confusing.

On Sunday, the “Barry” star opened up to Entertainment Tonight about the recent realization that he is distant cousins with comedy legend Carol Burnett, whom he once said he had a crush on some years ago.

“She emailed me and said, ‘Hey, we’re related,’” Hader recalled. “And I went, ‘What?’”

The family connection first came to public attention in January when Burnett appeared on the PBS show “Finding Your Roots.”

The “Saturday Night Live” alum said he shared the news with his daughters by telling them, “We’re all related to Ms. Hannigan” — a reference to Burnett’s wickedly iconic role in the 1982 film “Annie.”

“And they were like, ‘Ah!!’” he said.

Hader added that he and Burnett have continued to stay in touch, telling ET that “it’s been really exciting” to text and email with her.

“I hope I can, like, have dinner with her,” he said.

But the two may have one slight hurdle to get over once they meet, which Hader spoke about on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” last week. During the late-night appearance, Hader reacted to recently resurfaced clips from 2015 in which he spoke about having a crush on Burnett.

“Hey, you can take the boy out of Oklahoma, you know what I’m saying?” Hader quipped of his home state.

“I knew there was something about her,” he added.

Hader is currently crushing on “Beef” star Ali Wong, with a representative for the funnyman confirming to HuffPost this week that the pair are officially dating.

The comedians had previously been linked together last year, following Wong’s divorce from Justin Hakuta.