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Can you answer the mobile game's most savage questions?

Do you remember the live mobile game HQ Trivia that drew millions of daily users, including Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Neil Patrick Harris, Jimmy Kimmel, and Kelly Clarkson? Test your knowledge to see if you can answer the game’s most savage questions. Several of them stumped over 90% of the players.

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1 of 10: Stumped 67% of HQ Trivia Players

Which US state NEVER had a working battleship named after it?

Most people guessed Georgia, but the right answer is Montana, according to the US National Archives. A battleship was authorized to be named Montana but the plan was scrapped in 1943 as aircraft carriers became the top need during WWII, according to the US Navy.

2 of 10: Stumped 81% of HQ Trivia Players

Which of these is a very common symptom of heat stroke?

The top guess was muscle cramps, but the right answer is a high temperature. When heat stroke occurs, the body temperature can rise to 106 degrees Fahrenheit or higher within 10 to 15 minutes, according to the US Centers for Disease Control. Other symptoms include confusion, slurred speech, seizures and loss of consciousness.

3 of 10: Stumped 87% of HQ Trivia Players

Which of these states touches the Appalachian Trail?

The most popular choice was Kentucky, but the right answer is Connecticut. The longest hiking-only footpath in the world is Appalachian Trail – running from Maine to Georgia. The 2,193-mile route travels through 14 states and has over 3 million visitors each year.

4 of 10: Stumped 80% of HQ Trivia Players

Released in 1996, what was the FIRST Pokémon product?

5 of 10: Stumped 88% of HQ Trivia Players

In the ‘Harry Potter’ books, which of these animals is NOT one of the four Hogwarts house mascots?

This was a bit tricky. About 60% of people guessed Eagle, but that was the Ravenclaw mascot. The correct answer is Raven. Gryffindor was the lion; Slytherin was the serpent; and Hufflepuff was the badger.

6 of 10: Stumped 94% of HQ Trivia Players

Which of these Disney movies earned the most on its worldwide theatrical release?

The top guess was “Toy Story,” but the right answer is “Tarzan.” Thank you, Phil Collins! When “Tarzan” was released in 1999, it made $448 million worldwide, according to Box Office Mojo by IMBdPro.

7 of 10: Stumped 92% of HQ Trivia Players

Which of these people was the FIRST to famously refuse to give up their seat to a white passenger?

All three women refused to give up their seats, but Ida Wells was the first. In 1884, Wells bought a first-class train ticket, when the crew asked her to move Black sections, she refused and was forcibly removed from the rain, according to the National Park Service. Parks’ bus boycott was 71 years later in 1955.

8 of 10: Stumped 99% of HQ Trivia Players

For about two decades, 10% of all US electricity came from which source?

This is one of the most savage questions of all time. Starting in 1993, 10% of the electricity in the US came from converted Soviet warheads. The program was called Megatons to Megawatts, according to the US Government.

9 of 10: Stumped 91% of HQ Trivia Players

The first gummy candies were shaped like what?

10 of 10: Stumped 68% of HQ Trivia Players

In his lifetime, Walt Disney’s only Best Picture Oscar nomination was for what film?

Most people guessed “Fantasia,” but the correct answer is “Mary Poppins.” It received 13 Oscar nominations and won five (including Best Picture) in 1965, according to the Academy Awards.