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Chelsea Handler Shades Tucker Carlson With Birthday Bikini Pic

Chelsea Handler certainly knows how to celebrate — and diss her critics with a smile.

The comedian marked her 48th birthday last week by hitting the slopes in a bikini. While she showcased her skills in an Instagram video scored to Eminem’s “Without Me,” Handler also took the time to shade Tucker Carlson in a separate post.

Carlson’s guest in the February episode, podcast host Jesse Kelly, took things even further.

Women have “been told that they should do career, and don’t do a family or anything like that,” Kelly claimed. “And soon you’re Chelsea Handler. Soon, it’s Valentine’s Day, and your womb resembles a dried-up tumbleweed blowing down an old Western town, and your Valentine’s Day date for the 10th year in a row is a 10-year-old copy of ‘Magic Mike’ and a half-full bottle of Xanax, and you’re trying to pretend like you’re happy.”

“Wow,” Handler said in a video response. “Why would I even need my own children when I get to hear these crybabies all the time? … You guys seem so triggered by me. I mean, my goodness, Tucker, I think it’s time for you to ask yourself a serious question.”

“Are you really upset about how much freedom I have?” she continued. “Or are you upset that you haven’t been able to take it away from me yet? Oh, and quick shoutout to Ben Shapiro. Thank you for helping my cause of not having children.”