‘Daily Show’ Guest Hasan Minhaj Has Plan To Make Scott Adams ‘Shut The F**k Up’

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Adams called Black Americans “a hate group,” urged white people to “get the hell away from Black people” and volunteered that he has done exactly that by moving “to a neighborhood with a very low Black population.”

Minhaj fired back: “Kanye heard this and was like, ‘whoa, whoa, my brother … Pace yourself.’”

Minhaj said Adams is a prime example of “a certain type of rich person.” They have no problems of their own, so they invent new ones just to make their own lives interesting.

“I can guarantee you: J.K. Rowling had zero opinions about trans people when she was on welfare,” he said. He suggested a wealth tax would solve the problem.

“Rich people, this is for your own good,” he said. “The wealth tax is actually a shut-the-fuck-up tax.”

“Spend more time working, kissing your loved ones, getting groceries ― y’know, being a normal person,” he said. “Because normal people don’t hate Black people. We’re all too busy hating that one squeaky wheel on the shopping cart.”

See more in his Monday night monologue: