Damar Hamlin Shares Heartfelt Message On His Birthday: ‘Life Is A Precious Gift’

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Hamlin, who has made several public appearances since the terrifying episode in January, described his feelings toward celebrating another birthday as he thanked his supporters in an Instagram post.

“Life is a precious gift. it’s a blessing to see another birthday,” wrote Hamlin alongside a number of personal pictures including snaps with rappers Jay-Z and Quavo.

“I can’t begin to explain the feelings… & even if I could you probably still wouldn’t know the half.. But ima enjoy this one a lil extra today! I know my purpose of why I’m here & I’m aligned focused & only answering to my higher calling. Thank-You To All For Every B-Day Wish!”

Hamlin, in his first televised interview since the Monday Night Football game, told “Good Morning America” last month that he’s thankful to have another chance at life and is “still working through things” emotionally despite physically feeling great.