'Don't let him fool you too': Prosecutor makes a final push to the jury to convict Murdaugh

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Alex Murdaugh listens as prosecutor Creighton Waters makes closing arguments on Wednesday, March 1.
Alex Murdaugh listens as prosecutor Creighton Waters makes closing arguments on Wednesday, March 1. (Joshua Boucher/The State/AP)

Prosecutor Creighton Waters argued to the jury that Alex Murdaugh was “manufacturing an alibi” by calling and texting his wife and son, among others, after they were killed.

Waters said Murdaugh was unable to answer important questions, such as the nature of his last conversation with his family and what he was doing during certain time periods that night.

Around 9:45 p.m., Murdaugh calls Maggie’s phone again, Waters said. During his testimony, Murdaugh told a detailed story about his phone falling into the console of the car during this time period.

“Is that true ladies and gentlemen?” Waters asked. “Or is he coming up with some details on the fly when he can’t remember more important things like what was the last conversation you had with your wife and child when you jetted down to the kennels and back? What did y’all talk about at dinner? What were you doing from 9:02 to 9:06? Those are questions that he doesn’t want to answer.”

Waters also pointed to data to show that Murdaugh was driving faster than usual to his mother’s house in Almeda and was making calls the entire trip.

“Because he knows he has to compress that timeline,” Waters said.

Waters said any “reasonable person” would remember the last conversation they had with their loved one if they were killed, but argued that Murdaugh “lies convincingly and easily and he can do it as a drop of a hat.”

“He’s manufacturing an alibi. He’s smart,” Waters said.

The prosecutor also noted to the jury the kinds of questions Murdaugh asked law enforcement after the murders. He said one of the first things Murdaugh did was point out to police how many phone calls he made that night.

“He knows what to do to try to prevent evidence from being gathered. If you listen to his statements again and you listen to the questions he asked, he’s asking questions like that, he’s trying to figure out what do the police have, what do they know,” Waters said.