Emily Blunt Cheekily Chimes In During The Rock’s Oscars Red Carpet Interview

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Emily Blunt couldn’t resist when she was invited to join Dwayne Johnson’s red carpet interview at the Oscars on Sunday.

The two stars’ “Jungle Cruise” reunion occurred while The Rock, who was speaking with “Entertainment Tonight,” spotted his former co-star giving an interview nearby.

“You can talk, go ahead!” Johnson told her jokingly. “You can speak.”

While neither actor was nominated this year, they presented the first award of the night together, for Best Animated Feature. Johnson, who previously told The Hollywood Reporter how much he admires Blunt, reiterated as much on the red carpet.

“They were just asking me who’s the most talented, most brilliant actor you’ve ever worked with,” said Johnson, who had actually just been describing his look.

Nicole Kidman?” Blunt cracked in response. “Where is she?”

“No, no,” Johnson assured her. “I said, ‘Emily Blunt.’ Isn’t that right?” he asked, turning to ET’s Kevin Frazier and Nischelle Turner, who played along.

The native Londoner thanked Johnson for the “incredibly nice” compliment only to proffer a self-deprecating question: “Have you worked with any other actresses, or…?”

“Not that I care about, after you,” Johnson insisted. “No.”

The rest of the interview was far more traditional. Johnson talked about his outfit, a “ballet pink” tuxedo by Dolce & Gabbana. He also pointed to the flower on his lapel and revealed it was a special way for him to honor his youngest fans back home.

“This flower — in Polynesian, there’s a term we have, ‘puamana,’” Johnson told ET earlier in the interview. “It means ‘strength of a flower.’ So this represents my daughters.”

Blunt herself, meanwhile, was seemingly on a roll of playful interruptions pre-ceremony. She went on to crash Jessica Chastain’s interview with “Access Hollywood” — bringing The Rock and Nicole Kidman with her.

“OK, I would like to announce the four of us are gonna do a movie very soon,” Chastain joked. “It’s being written, right now. I don’t know what it is.”