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Ex-RNC Chair Ridicules Jim Jordan With Cold ‘Reality’ Of Weaponization Claims

Asked by MSNBC’s Charles Blow if Jordan’s performance in recent subcommittee hearings had helped Democrats prove that it’s in fact Republicans who have weaponized the government, Steele replied:

“Any time Jordan opens his mouth he proves that point. The reality is there’s no substance to any of this. This is just the dog and pony show. It’s like the worst you can come up with in the world where you can just make stuff up.”

“So, you’re trying to connect dots that do not exist,” Steele continued. “You’re grasping about little lines of this and a little line over here about something else, and none of it ever comes together.”

“Didn’t this all occur during Trump’s term in office? It was his Justice Department and FBI. It just kind of proves the point,” Steele said. “So, are you mad at Trump? Jordan, Jim, are you mad at Trump? Are you mad at Mr. Barr? Who are you mad at? What are you trying, where was the weaponization against Trump’s own people by Trump? Because that’s basically what we are looking at here.”