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Fox, CNN Panelists Put Ron DeSantis On Blast Over His Disney Grievances

Media personalities at Fox and CNN dug into the effects of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ war with Disney on Wednesday. Fox Business host Larry Kudlow was among them and said the Republican is “close to making a fool of himself with his Walt Disney obsession.”

DeSantis’ battle — which kicked off after the House of Mouse criticized his “Don’t Say Gay” law — has ramped up in recent weeks with a suggestion that he could build a state prison near Disney World and his appointment of a board to oversee its taxing district in Florida.

Kudlow, on Wednesday, scolded the governor over “crashing down on, if not biggest, one of the biggest businesses.”

“DeSantis should make a deal and stop already. He’s not running against Walt Disney for president,” he said.

Mark Simone, a radio host at New York’s WOR radio station, slammed the Florida governor and told Kudlow that DeSantis lacks campaign, debate and negotiation skills compared with former President Donald Trump, whom he would face if he enters the 2024 Republican presidential primary.

“Donald Trump would be in a room with Disney working this out,” Simone argued.

“DeSantis’ problem was it was easy to slap Disney around. They had the dumb CEO but he’s gone,” he continued. ”[Bob] Iger is here and Desantis is no match for Iger, who’s 10 steps ahead of DeSantis on every move.”

Fox News contributor Joe Concha later noted that DeSantis’ moves seem to be “anti-capitalist” and added that the company brings jobs and revenue into the state.

“He goes too far, though,” he said of DeSantis’ battle with Disney.

“Whatever the outcome, it just doesn’t look too good,” Kudlow replied.

Axios senior contributor Margaret Talev, during a CNN panel on Wednesday, mentioned Trump recently called out DeSantis’ Disney battle, and she described it as a “quite interesting” swipe of the Florida governor.

“The idea of the policy versus the personality, what are the limits of the kind of anti-woke approach and Trump is either just completely trolling DeSantis or is looking at polling and other evidence that tells him that DeSantis has over-torqued this and that he can get a strategic advantage,” said Talev.