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Hakeem Jeffries Tears Into ‘Totally Out Of Control’ Marjorie Taylor Greene

“The extreme MAGA Republicans are showing the American people who they are,” Jeffries said at this weekly press conference on Thursday. “They’re not even trying to hide their extremism. And Exhibit A is Marjorie Taylor Greene.”

“She’s totally out of control. But they don’t care,” he continued. “The leadership apparently supports Marjorie Taylor Greene. The rank-and-file Republicans apparently support Marjorie Taylor Greene. She’s allowed to lie. She’s allowed to debase the institution. Apparently, Marjorie Taylor Greene is even allowed to elevate someone who appears to have engaged in espionage and treason against the United States of America.”

“And it doesn’t matter. Because Marjorie Taylor Greene is the face of this version of the House Republican conference,” he added.

In January, during Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s (R-Calif.) drawn-out balloting for House speaker, Greene lashed out at Democrats for choosing Jeffries as their leader and released a “never Hakeem” ad calling him a “dangerous” and “radical” leftist. Greene was a key ally to McCarthy’s bid for the speakership and was subsequently appointed to the Homeland Security and Oversight and Accountability committees.