Hank Azaria Says He Punked Directors At Auditions And It ‘Never Went Well’

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Hank Azaria tried a funny thing during acting auditions but admitted to host Seth Meyers on “Late Night” Monday that it “never went well.” (Watch the video below.)

When the producer or director asked if he had any questions, Azaria feigned ignorance.

“Yeah, so I’m supposed to pretend I’m this guy?” Azaria said he would answer. “And they would look at me and they’d go, ‘Yeah.’ And I’d say, ‘And you’re gonna point a camera at it but I’m supposed to pretend I don’t notice that?’ And they would go ‘yeah’ and I’d look at them like they were insane and go ‘okayyyyyyyy.’”

Meyers and his audience cracked up. “That did much better than it ever did in the room,” Azaria said.

Azaria has done just fine for himself anyway. The “Birdcage” actor and longtime “Simpsons” voice star now appears on the retro-futuristic comedy “Hello Tomorrow!” on Apple TV+.