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Hasan Minhaj Dramatically Sticks It To Twitter In The Middle Of ‘The Daily Show’

“Here’s the thing, guys,” Minhaj said on Wednesday night, leaning forward as if about to share a secret. “Elon didn’t make Twitter terrible. Twitter has been terrible for years ― because of us!”

He called Twitter “the shittiest platform on planet Earth.”

“It’s worse than Tinder, and Tinder gives you geniital herpes,” he said.

Minhaj noted that most of the people who complain about Twitter either insist they can’t leave, or claim they’re going to leave but don’t. Then, he realized he’s one of them ― and concluded his monologue by quitting Twitter right on the air, showing his phone screen as he did it.

Minhaj walked off the set and out the door as he encouraged everyone else to “join me in the real world.”

Check it out in his Wednesday night monologue: