Hot sleeper? Here's how to stay cool while sleeping thanks to these 21 products

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Some people run hot all the time, some wake up hot, some find themselves sweaty in the middle of the night and some experience all of the above. It’s not always the greatest feeling, and it can be a sign of something serious, but many times it can be related to hormonal changes, menopause, premenopause or just an overheated environment.

Feeling hot can also simply make it harder to sleep, and according to research, the ideal temperature for sleep is actually a chilly 65 degrees Fahrenheit. There’s good news, though! An overheated environment can be fixed with just a few tweaks to your sleeping situation, like cooling bedding and gels or lightweight toppers for when it’s ridiculously hot out. Ahead, we highlight some products that, according to reviewers, make sleeping cool as easy as ever, as well as picks that we’ve personally tried and loved.

For cooling sheets that aren’t gonna set you back too far, look no further than this set. Made of ultra-fine microfiber with moisture-absorbing technology that actually pulls moisture away from the skin, you only need to look at a few reviews to be convinced of their magic.

For example: “I live in Arizona, so cool sheets feel like a necessity to me,” one reviewer writes. “I was on the brink of ordering a very expensive set of bamboo sheets from a specialty site when I saw the reviews for this set on Amazon. I’m so happy to report that these sheets are exactly what they purport to be. They are EXTREMELY comfortable and soft. They are also very cool. My husband doesn’t believe in ‘cool’ sheets because he sleeps very hot — he wakes up sweaty more often that not, usually — but he exclaimed last night that these sheets are very cool.”

With more than 31,000 reviews, this 100% cotton sheet set is an Amazon favorite. The set comes with a flat sheet, fitted sheet and two pillowcases, and you can take your pick of anything from pastel solids to paisley and polka dots.

“I made my bed and being that it was a warm night it provided the opportunity to test them to see if I would feel too warm,” one reviewer writes. “It was a cool comfortable experience and had a perfect sleep in my new sheets!”

These top-rated lightweight sheets are made from organic cotton in a percale weave, which can help keep you cool and sweat-free.

“They feel crisp like percale, which is what I wanted, so they would be cooling,” one reviewer writes. “I have not been happy with microfiber sheets in my experience, because they all pill regardless of what they claim, and they are too warm, and have holes within a year. I am happy to find cotton sheets like these that feel like they are durable and will last much longer than microfiber. Will definitely purchase more.”

The winner of our best linen sheets testing, this Parachute set is made from 100% European flax in a family-owned factory in Portugal. Light and airy with the ability to get even softer after every wash, the colors couldn’t be dreamier too.

“On the summer night we first tested these, the sheets were soft but also firm,” our reviewer wrote. “If this sounds uncomfortable, it was the converse: cool, light and luxurious. Our first mental note was that we felt like we were sleeping on a cloud.”

“It gets SO hot in Florida and these sheets did the trick!” writes one 5-star reviewer of these temperature-regulating sheets. “I’ve tried other bamboo sheets and these are by far the best.”

Made with bamboo rayon, these are designed to wick away moisture and even minimize smell. Just look how silky they look too.

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These editor-favorite sheets are made from 100% eucalyptus fiber, giving them a bit of a sheen and a cool-to-the-touch effect that’s simply irresistible for hot sleepers. “These are my favorite sheets!” writes one reviewer. “They are so soft and cool to the touch. I have been searching for sheets like this and I’m so happy! I usually sleep hot, but these are perfect; it’s like the perfect balance.”

This well-priced, high-rated foam pillow is infused with a temperature-regulating gel for a cool night’s sleep.

“I too had bought every pillow on the market over the years and this one is certainly the most comfortable, most cooling and best support yet,” writes one reviewer. “This is what a pillow should do! Cradle and support your head. My first thought was it wasn’t high enough and wouldn’t feel comfortable. Boy was I wrong. The second my head hit this pillow, I realized what I have been missing all along.”

The bamboo cover and shredded memory foam make this pillow super breathable, with one happy reviewer writing, “I normally toss and turn all night. I don’t think I’ve moved much since I started using the pillow; it’s absolutely wonderful.”

From the experts at Tempur-Pedic comes this cooling pillow with gel on both sides to keep you cool all night long.

“I’ve purchased close to 20 pillows over the past three years, trying to find one that stays cool while also being comfortable to sleep on. I’ve tried all types (mem foam, feather, real goose down, etc.),” writes one reviewer. “I’ve had this one for three months and have never had a better one. By far the coolest pillow I’ve used, and I don’t think I’ve ever had to flip it over. I’m a back/side sleeper, and the comfort also exceeds nearly every other pillow I’ve purchased. Best sleep I’ve had in years.”

With cooling foam and a three-layer design meant to make it extra huggable (and who doesn’t want that?), this is one of our favorite pillows to sleep on night after night.

There’s something about the weight of a comforter that makes rest so much nicer, and this cooling eucalyptus comforter adds weight without being too hot.

Writes one reviewer, “I’m a hot sleeper and needed something ‘cooling’ but couldn’t find the right thing until I found this. This Codi comforter has a surprising ability to dissipate body heat, particularly because it’s also fluffy and voluminous.”

If a comforter is always too much for you, look no further than this linen quilt, which has thrilled Brooklinen shoppers.

“I decided to spring for this linen quilt in the hopes that it would let me breathe at night,” writes one reviewer. “It’s perfect! Just thick enough to keep me warm, but breathable enough that I don’t wake up soaked in sweat.”

We’ve tried this weighted blanket for several months now and we absolutely adore it. Cool on one side and plush on the other, it’s available in both 15- and 20-pound versions.

Whether you’re taking a nap on the couch or you just want a light covering on your bed, we love this editor-approved luxurious and lightweight throw on a warm summer night.

Stuffy room? Get cool air moving in and hot air moving off your body with some top-rated fans.

With more than 23,000 reviews on Amazon, shoppers love this machine for how quietly it runs and, at the price, just how powerful its cooling powers are.

Need more convincing? Just read this review: “One evening I needed a little help with cooling off,” one reviewer writes. “Within five minutes of turning this thing on, it was like an angel had come down from heaven to personally blow cool air on my face. I was genuinely close to tears. If this thing only lasts a month it will have been worth the money.”

Need we say more?

With more than 500 reviews, this fan is a Target shopper fave, with one writing, “I use it in all the bedrooms and family room, and it seems to circulate the air across most of the room.”

Personal fan more your jam? This vintage-looking cutie that reviewers love will sit on your nightstand and keep you cool while you snooze.

A unique mix of a gel grid, supportive coils and foam make this one of the coolest mattresses on the market. According to the brand, the pocketed coils allow for greater airflow compared to many other gel and entirely foam beds.

“This mattress is fantastic,” writes one reviewer. “It took a couple nights to get used to it, but I sleep more soundly now than I ever did before and much cooler! The grid is what feels so different. It truly is amazing how much spring the mattress has, but when you move it doesn’t affect your partner.”

With more than 8,500 reviews, this top-rated cotton mattress topper is filled with a down alternative to deliver comfort that reviewers love without heat and sweat.

“I had tried several other toppers with the hope that it would provide some cooling relief,” writes one reviewer. “This topper did the trick. Not only did it make my mattress even MORE cozy, it is considerably cooler to sleep on. I would highly recommend this product.”

Cool to the touch and deep enough to fit any mattress — and even additional topper — this is great for those who really want to protect their mattress while keeping it cool. And no, despite it being waterproof, it doesn’t make any sort of crinkling sound.