HuffPost’s Guide To The Very Best Plain White Tee

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Regardless of the season, there’s one item of clothing that never goes out of style: the plain white T-shirt. This iconic, gender-neutral layering piece has stood the test of time since it shot into the fashion mainstream in the 1950s thanks to the likes of Marlon Brando and James Dean, and remains as ubiquitous as ever. That said, all tees are not made alike! There’s an art to finding the perfect plain white tee, and we’re here to help you find the one that’s best for you.

To get to the bottom of what exactly makes a plain white tee perfect, I sought advice from fashion designer Haley Thompson along with several of my colleagues here at HuffPost. Needless to say, everyone had very strong opinions on the matter.

Thompson noted that this particular style of shirt should be “versatile and effortlessly cool — something that you can just throw on and go.” It’s a trickier item to shop for than you might think, as the fabric and cut can completely change both the look and feel of the shirt, and the last thing you want is to appear frumpy or dated. “Even though styling a white tee shirt is relatively simple, the silhouette can make or break the aesthetic,” she told me. “Fit and the quality of the material are super important.”

Below, I’ve compiled a definitive list of the best white tee shirts for men and women. They include options at a range of price points and a wide variety of sizing options. Find them at popular, accessible retailers like Target and Amazon as well as trend-forward destinations like Shopbop, Everlane and more.