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If Your Mornings Are Insanely Busy, Try One Of These 19 Time-Saving Goods

One of the biggest lies on television is the relaxed weekday breakfast people seem to have before going to work. Anyone in the real world knows mornings are a battle royale, a scramble to the finish line trying to get you and your family bathed, dressed, fed, packed for the day and out the door. While we can’t change the laws of the universe to give you more time in the mornings, we can suggest some favorite products that make a stressful, jam-packed morning hustle a little easier on your body and mind.

From self-heating coffee cups to a magical spray that de-wrinkles your clothes without an iron, we’ve hand-picked a selection of items to help you on your busiest mornings. Whether the alarm didn’t go off, you forgot to make brownies for the bake sale or you’re running late to a meeting and your clothes are still in the dryer, these products are here to help.

To help you keep calm while you simultaneously pack lunches and dry your hair, enjoy these stress-reducing items that will streamline your morning routine.

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