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If You’re Bidet-Curious, These Toilet Attachments Are Pooper-Approved

In the world of clean butts, there’s one special toilet gadget that reigns supreme for getting you squeaky clean: a bidet. They’re not common in the U.S., but if you’ve ever had the pleasure of using one while traveling, your life was likely changed and it made you want one in your own bathroom. Or if you’re wondering what on earth a bidet even is, allow us to elevate your number two experience.

While you may think of a bidet as that vaguely toilet-looking object that you find in hotels throughout Europe, know that you don’t have to invest in a whole new throne to enjoy the perks of this device. You can invest instead in bidet attachments that can be installed on your existing toilet for anywhere from $50 to about $300.

A bidet uses a high-pressure nozzle to spray water on your nether regions, leaving you way more cleansed and poo-free than regular toilet paper does. Plus, some bidets even offer a fancy air drying feature. And if you spend a lot of time doing the doo, you’ll probably save a ton of money on stocking up on toilet paper rolls.

If having a clean booty every time you poo sounds like your idea of a great time, you’re in luck. We asked enthusiastic bidet believers about the bidets they use at home so you can make sure you get only the best for your rear end.

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