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If You’re Filled With Hate, Then Arnold Schwarzenegger’s New Video Is Just For You

Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger on Monday issued a powerful video message for hate-mongers amid a rise in antisemitism worldwide.

The former California governor acknowledged hate has “always been the easy path” but offered some blunt home truths on how it “eventually will break you.”

“There has never been a successful movement based on hate,” he noted.

“Think about it,” said the movie star-turned-politician. “Nazis? Losers. The Confederacy? Losers. The Apartheid movement? Losers. And the list goes on and on.”

“I don’t want you to be a loser,” Schwarzenegger continued, admitting he understood “how people can fall into a trap of prejudice and hate.” He promised the initial tumult caused by rejecting hate would eventually be worth it.

Recalling his visit last year to the Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz, Schwarzenegger said it was “horrifying” to walk through and “put myself into the shoes of people herded into those gas chambers.”

People who can’t let go of their hatred will “die miserably,” he warned.