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Jen Psaki Tears Apart Trump-Defending Republicans Over Rape Verdict

Psaki, a White House press secretary in the Biden administration, named the party’s “one big problem” ahead of 2024: Trump, whose comments about lawsuit plaintiff E. Jean Carroll brought laughter and applause to a CNN town hall on Wednesday.

“It was definitely disturbing, but unfortunately not necessarily surprising,” Psaki said. “Because why should Republican voters take Trump’s wrongdoing seriously when the party leaders never call him out?”

“If someone asks you: ‘Do you stand by somebody who is found liable for sexual abuse?’ the answer should be some version of no. But outside of a handful of Republican lawmakers, they have — by and large — pretty much avoided criticizing the former president.”

“You heard that right. Trump’s sexual abuse makes the senator want to vote for him twice,” Psaki said.

“What I didn’t hear was any kind of condemnation of someone who was just found liable for sexual abuse,” Psaki said of Haley’s roundabout commentary about the legal process.