JFK! NAZIS!: Tucker Carlson Mercilessly Mocked With Other Historical Rewrites

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After the prime time personality aired selectively edited security footage obtained from House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) that sought to whitewash the violence, critics imagined how Carlson would rewrite other particular moments in history and movies.

“The Daily Show” spoofed Carlson covering the 1963 assassination of then-President John F. Kennedy:

The Comedy Central program showed how “with the right editing, you can tell any story you want.”

“The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” parodied Carlson’s coverage of the shark attack in the Stephen Spielberg-produced 1975 thriller “Jaws.”

Lee Aronsohn, the co-creator of “Two And A Half Men,” shared this video that he joked “PROVES that in 1941 the Nazis were simply tourists in Paris” to “demonstrate that video in which bad things are not happening does not in any way shape or form prove that nothing bad happened.”

Other Twitter users unleashed similar gags: