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Jimmy Kimmel Reveals The ‘Delusional’ Question Left After Fox News Settlement

He didn’t have much luck, because the network and its website barely mentioned it.

“What an oversight that is,” Kimmel said in mock surprise. “Man oh man, is Rupert Murdoch gonna be mad when he finds out about this.”

Kimmel said one big question remains, now that Fox has settled.

“What happens to the MyPillow guy?” he asked. “They’re suing Mike Lindell for basically the same thing.”

Lindell has vowed he won’t settle with the voting machine company.

“He’s much too delusional for that,” Kimmel said, then played a clip of Lindell claiming he wouldn’t take $1 billion to settle the suit.

“Hold on now: Why would they offer you a billion dollars?” Kimmel wondered. “Is it possible Mike thinks he’s the one suing Dominion? I’m not sure he understands how being sued works.”

And it only got weirder from there, which you can see in the Wednesday night monologue: