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Keanu Reeves Reveals He Still Owns This Epic Souvenir From The ‘Matrix’ Set

Keanu Reeves owns the most iconic memento from “The Matrix” — and Reddit users couldn’t be happier.

During a recent Reddit Ask-Me-Anything (AMA), a Reddit user asked the actor if he had ever hijacked any keepsakes from movie sets he’s worked on across his decadeslong Hollywood career.

“Not stolen … the watch and wedding ring from John Wick, a sword from 47 Ronin, and the first red pill that the Wachowski’s ever gave me,” Reeves wrote in reply, revealing he owns the original famous red pill from The “Matrix” franchise.

In 1999, Reeves starred as Neo, a cybercriminal-turned-liberator, in the sci-fi action film written and directed by Lilly and Lana Wachowski.

In one of the film’s most memorable scenes, Neo is forced to choose between taking a red pill — to gain knowledge and freedom by understanding the reality of his existence — or a blue pill that would allow him to continue to live in blissful ignorance without the truth.

After Reeve’s confession, Reddit users couldn’t hold back their excitement over his collectibles.

“Lucky for us Keanu is a benevolent ruler and does not abuse the power of the pill. We are blessed,” one user quipped.

Another commented, “Lmao you kept the red pill yes!!!! I love it. Now you gotta hide it for future generations to hunt for the red pill. I would love seeing people hunt for that thing.”

“No way. Keanu has the OG red pill? That’s awesome,” one user wrote.

Elsewhere in the AMA, the Canadian star was asked whether he preferred undergoing kung fu training for “The Matrix” or jiujitsu training for the popular action franchise “John Wick.”

“Nothing can ever compare to the kung fu training from ‘The Matrix’ because it was so unique and my first time,” Reeves replied. “But the jiu-jitsu in ‘John Wick’ being integrated with judo and gunfights can never be touched in its own way.”

In January, Reeves, who’s earned a reputation as a Hollywood badass thanks to his decades of martial arts training, admitted the upcoming fourth “John Wick” film physically challenged him as no other project has before.

“‘John Wick: Chapter 4’ was the hardest physical role I’ve ever had in my career so far,” the 58-year-old told Total Film. “They really trained me up to be able to have what we call the toolbox.”

Sharing that he honed his car-handling skills for the new film’s exhilarating driving sequences set in Paris, the star shared, “We took the car-driving to the next level, which I really enjoy.”

“There’s 180s, forward-into-reverse 180s, reverse-into-forward 270s, drifting … so it was really fun to get a chance to learn those skills, and to play,” Reeves added.

The franchise’s latest installment sees the former-hit-man-turned-titular-protagonist Wick permanently take down the High Table ― the organization that rules the criminal underworld ― in the neo-noir action thriller.

Alongside Reeves, the movie also stars Bill Skarsgård, Donnie Yen, Lance Reddick, Rina Sawayama, Hiroyuki Sanada, Ian McShane, and Reeves’ former “Matrix” co-lead Laurence Fishburne.

“John Wick: Chapter 4” hits theaters on March 24.