Khloe Kardashian claps back at trolling about her 'old face'

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Face facts: Khloe Kardashian is not going to let people play with her about her looks.

The reality star and entrepreneur posted a video of her workout on her verified Instagram account Wednesday. which included an appearance by her 4-year-old daughter, True.

Kardashian explains her workout routine in the caption and shows off her moves in the video.

But she saved her best work for a response to a commenter who asked, “Do you miss your old face?”

“No,” Kardashian wrote.

It’s not the first time she’s had a comeback from someone commenting on her appearance.

Much has been made about how different Kardashian has looked in the various photos she posts online over the years. In 2020, a person asked on one of her Instagram postings, “Why do you look so different in all your photos?”

Kardashian had some fun with her response.

“From my weekly face transplant clearly,” she wrote.