Laura Ingraham Makes Head-Spinning Claims About Donald Trump’s Work Ethic

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The Fox News host had just called President Joe Biden an elected “hologram” who outsources pivotal decisions to “bureaucrats, technocrats or Obama holdovers.”

“Now contrast Biden with Trump,” she said. “The staff brought proposals to him. He considered them. He brought in opposing points of view. He was in the Oval Office pretty much all day.”

The last claim about Trump’s work ethic caught the attention of Twitter users, many of whom remembered No. 45′s frequent golfing getaways. He played at least 289 times while president. He often hit the links at his own resorts, enabling him to profit from his putting. His hobby cost taxpayers more than $151.5 million in travel and security costs, according to HuffPost’s calculations.

Critics swung away with jokes and other snide responses: