Male Strippers Told Us How They Keep Their Bodies Groomed

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For the longest time, body hair removal seemed largely relegated to the world of women’s beauty. In reality, male body grooming is a ritualistic aspect of exotic male performance — and, according to these performers, it’s a taboo that’s quickly changing for all men.

“When a male is well groomed with soft skin, it can be seen as feminine,” said an Arizona Male Strippers performer who prefers to go by his stage name Valente. “But, for me, grooming is an extension of my branding [and] boosts my confidence.”

He thanks the early-2000s rise of the term “metrosexual” and the “Magic Mike” franchise (the latest installment of which recently arrived in theaters) for demystifying “manscaping.”

He specifically citied a scene in the first “Magic Mike” film in which one of the male characters is caught shaving with his sister’s razor. For him, it highlights how outdated the stigmas are surrounding men that enjoy being close-shaven.

“I know that there is not enough information for male grooming due to how society is structured,” said Valente, who shaves at least twice a week.

His routine involves regular exfoliation and starting off completely dry using electric trimmers before wet shaving with a manual razor, then following up with oils and hydrators. He said this process (which you can learn more about below) prevents cuts and razor burn while keeping his skin feeling healthy.

Valente and other dancers from the world of male stripping gave us a detailed glimpse inside their bathrooms, including a look at the products that have reached near-sacred status in their upkeep rituals. Whether you’re most comfortable going completely bare, au naturale or somewhere in between, there’s something for everyone.

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