Managing Cravings and Emotional Eating During Weight Loss

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What is emotional eating?

Emotional eating is a very common problem faced by women and also men during weight loss. It means that you feel some kind of feeling (anger, fear, sadness, depression, joy, stress, etc) and you eat that food without thinking of the consequences. It is considered as a form of self-medication. The reason behind this behavior is your subconscious mind telling you to eat something that you can’t digest.

There are several reasons for which you feel the emotions and eat foods in order to comfort yourself. For example:

If you feel stressed or angry, you tend to eat junk food or sweets.

If you feel depressed, you tend to eat chocolate or ice cream.

If you feel anxiety, you eat cookies or chips.

If you feel sad, you eat a whole pizza or ice cream.

If you feel happy, you eat a cupcake.

If you feel tired, you eat cake or biscuits.

If you feel nervous, you eat cookies or candies.

Some people say that emotional eating is a disease, but there are some people who eat to comfort themselves. They don’t feel hungry after eating the foods, so they don’t consider it as an unhealthy food.

How to manage emotional eating during weight loss?

There are several tips that will help you to deal with this problem. Here are some tips that can help you to manage emotional eating.

Don’t skip breakfast

It is very common for people to skip their breakfast and that is the reason why they end up eating more food throughout the day. You need to eat at least 250 calories a day and if you don’t eat a full breakfast, you will eat more food throughout the day.

Be consistent in your meal planning

You need to be consistent with your food intake. Planning is a great way to control the emotional eating and you will also know what foods are allowed and what foods are banned.

Stay away from junk food

We all like junk food and snacks, but if you like those foods you should know that they will make you obese and will not help you to lose weight. So, it is important that you avoid junk food from the beginning and stick to healthy food.

Try to have a list

Before you eat anything you should make a list and cross out all the things that you don’t want to eat. If you have a list then you will get a clear image of what you want to eat and that will make you resist yourself to eat.


So, this was it about “What is emotional eating? And How to manage emotional eating during weight loss”. I am sure that you will love the tips and will follow them to get the best result. Have a good day and enjoy your life.




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