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Marjorie Taylor Greene’s New Call For Republicans Is ‘Beyond Parody,’ Say Critics

Far-right Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) called for a “safe space” for Republicans and drew instant blowback on Twitter.

Critics mockingly dubbed Greene a “snowflake” and suggested her comment was “beyond parody,” given how the idea of safe spaces has long been ridiculed by her fellow GOP extremists.

“We want our own safe space and we deserve it,” Greene told Fox NewsSean Hannity during an interview about her “national divorce” idea.

Greene’s proposal would involve separating the country “by red states and blue states,” with Americans who move from blue to red temporarily stripped of their voting rights. The idea has been interpreted by some as a call for secession.

But talking to Hannity, Greene said she wasn’t talking about separate countries or secession, or trying to start a civil war, but “reducing the size of our federal government, and giving more power and control to our states to be the identity that they want to be, whether it’s blue or red” because “the division in our country has gotten to a dangerous point.”

“We are fed up with Democrat policies, we’re fed up with the woke ideology being shoved down our throat and we’re tired of our children being brainwashed with these ideas,” she ranted. “We want our own safe space and we deserve it.”