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Our Place just dropped a cast-iron version of its Perfect Pot

Last year, Our Place dropped a cast-iron version of its customer-favorite Always Pan — a hearty model that’s as great in the oven as it is on the stovetop — and it’s now adding to the lineup with a cast-iron edition of its Perfect Pot.

Complete your cast-iron Our Place set with the Cast Iron Perfect Pot, the ideal accompaniment to the Cast Iron Always Pan. It’s now available in six attractive colors, and it’s easy to care for thanks to a black matte enameled surface that doesn’t require seasoning.

The 5.5-quart Cast Iron Perfect Pot promises to do what the original version does — it’ll roast, braise, bake, deep fry, slow cook, serve and store, like all good dutch ovens (and it’ll look nice doing it too). Plus, it comes with all the benefits of cast iron (flavor, even cooking) and none of the hassle of maintaining it (thanks, enameling!). The lid is also designed to be self-basting, so if you’ve got a pot roast in there going low and slow for a few hours, the design will impart moisture back into the meat.

It comes in six of the brand’s customer-favorite shades, including Blue Salt, Char, Lavender, Sage, Steam and Spice, and included in the box is a beechwood scraper and two silicone hot grips. Not totally sold on it? Its price of $175 is a lot to spend on a pot (but still cheaper than Le Creuset!), so there’s a 100-day trial and free returns to ensure you’re pleased with your purchase.

We have a feeling these will sell out super quickly — as Our Place’s launches tend to do — so head to Our Place to pick a new cast-iron Perfect Pot up for yourself today.