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Pedro Pascal Is Adorably Shocked Sarah Michelle Gellar Posted About Him

If you ever wanted to see the brooding Joel from “The Last Us” become a total fangirl, today is your lucky day.

Pedro Pascal was adorably surprised to learn that Sarah Michelle Gellar had posted about him earlier this week.

The “Wolf Pack” star reminded fans on Instagram Monday that she and Pascal had once shared a few scenes together on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

But the “Mandalorian” star apparently had no idea.

So, when Entertainment Tonight mentioned Gellar’s post to Pascal during a red carpet interview Tuesday, the former “Game of Thrones” star reacted like his head just exploded (sorry).

“Sarah Michelle Gellar posted about me?” Pascal asked, equal parts flattered and flabbergasted. “I need to get on the world wide web!”

When ET attempted to change the subject, Pascal was clearly still fixated on Gellar posting about him, and asked his interviewer where he could find her post. So, the entertainment outlet obliged and showed it to him.

“Oh, my gosh,” Pascal said looking at a screenshot of him and Gellar in a 1999 episode of “Buffy.”

As Pascal continued to gaze at the post in amazement, ET decided to roll with it and asked: “What do you remember about that?”

“Everything!” Pascal said, making a “duh” face. “Absolutely everything.”

Pascal then got incredibly nostalgic, remembering all kinds of specific details about his time on the show and working with Gellar.

Pascal’s memories of being on the “Buffy” set include, but are not limited to:

  • Gellar gave him ice cream.
  • They shot on the UCLA campus.
  • He had to miss the opening night of a play he was doing in order to shoot his “Buffy” scenes.
  • He had to eat lunch in his vampire makeup.

“I could go on, and on and on,” Pascal said. “I could give you step by step, every detail.”

He also spoke highly of Gellar, calling her “incredibly kind” and “the best.”

Gellar hasn’t displayed as much enthusiasm about Pascal, but she has openly geeked out about another HBO hit — “The White Lotus.”

So, we at HuffPost, are asking Mike White, the creator of “The White Lotus,” to reunite these two actors and cast them in Season 3. Extra points if they meet while wandering around lost.