Presidential Historian Michael Beschloss Torches ‘Local Mussolini’ Ron DeSantis

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NBC News presidential historian and author Michael Beschloss warned how Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) poses more of a threat to democracy than former President Donald Trump.

Appearing on MSNBC at the weekend, Beschloss noted how political candidates try to win nominations “by trying to appeal to what they think will work.”

And potential 2024 GOP presidential candidate DeSantis has tried to transform himself from “a sort of nondescript political leader and member of Congress” into “a local Mussolini in Florida with the book banning and the brutal tactics and even this week this suggestion that bloggers have to register with the state for the honor of writing about the governor and other political leaders,” he said.

“We have to call this what this is,” Beschloss added. “This is fascism and authoritarianism that goes even beyond what Trump has talked about. That’s what he thinks is going to work in that party and in a way that’s the scariest thing of all.”