Princess Diana’s Brother Shreds Trump Over Claim She ‘Kissed My Ass’

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Diana’s brother, Earl Charles Spencer, however, fired back at Trump’s boast via his Twitter account, writing Wednesday:

“Surprised to hear that Donald Trump is apparently claiming that my late sister Diana wanted to ‘kiss his arse,’ since the one time she mentioned him to me — when he was using her good name to sell some real estate in New York — she clearly viewed him as worse than an anal fissure.”

Trump’s boast came while promoting his new book, “Letters To Trump.” The $99 tome reprints private letters sent to Trump by world leaders, celebrities and royals over the last 40 years.

Correspondence from the late Queen Elizabeth II, Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un also appear, per promotional materials. The book is scheduled for release in April.

“I knew them all — and every one of them kissed my ass, and now I only have half of them kissing my ass,” Trump bragged to far-right Breitbart News about the people whose letters are featured in the book.

Spencer’s disdain of Trump should perhaps not come as a surprise. Just months after Diana’s death in 1997, Trump crassly insisted he’d have been able to have sex with her, but on the condition she’d take an HIV test first.