Rep. Nancy Mace Destroys Far-Right Host Who Attacked Her Looks During Abortion Debate

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The South Carolina republican congresswoman has come under fire from her fellow conservatives because her views on abortion aren’t as extreme as the rest of the party.

“We need to find a middle ground on this issue, and I have a great pro-life voting record,” she said. “But some of the stances [Republicans] have taken, especially when it comes to rape and incest, protecting the life of the mother ― it’s so extreme [that] the middle, independent voters, right of center, left of center, they cannot support us.”

Mace’s so-called middleground approach has come under fire from other conservatives, such as far-right radio host Stew Peters, who started to attack her abortion views on Sunday, but apparently decided attacking her looks would be the more professional way to handle their differences:

“Someone tell @RepNancyMace supporting life is NEVER extreme. (You’d think someone who goes under the knife for cosmetic surgery like she does would be a bit concerned about getting the Joan Rivers treatment.)”

Mace responded to the nasty tweet on Monday and didn’t pull any punches:

Ahhh yes, if you can’t defend your extremism go after a woman’s appearance.

As a rape victim, I will continue to fight for women who’ve been raped. I’m not OK with executing women who’ve had abortions, I want women to have access to birth control. Let’s start there…”

So far, Peter hasn’t responded to Mace’s comeback, but others chimed in.