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Seth Rogen Has Notes For Movie Critics, So Listen Up

Actor Seth Rogen, who’s endured his share of brickbats, said this week that critics should mind their tone in reviews. (Watch the video below.)

“I think if most critics knew how much it hurt the people that made the things that they are writing about, they would second-guess the way they write these things,” he told entrepreneur Steven Bartlett this week on the “Diary of a CEO” podcast.

“It’s devastating,” Rogen said. “I know people who never recover from it, honestly — years, decades of being hurt by [film reviews]. … That’s something that people carry with them literally their entire lives, and I get why. It fucking sucks.”

Rogen has been riding a high with his turn as the jolly family friend Bennie in Steven Spielberg’s Oscar-nominated “The Fabelmans.”

But he’s known the darkness as well. Despite poor reviews for the superhero flick “Green Hornet” (2011), Rogen tried to look on the bright side.

“The reviews were coming out, and it was pretty bad,” he said. “People just kind of like, hated it; it seemed like a thing people were taking joy in disliking a lot. But it opened to like $35 million, which was like, I think at the time, the biggest opening weekend I’d ever been associated with in any capacity.”

The critical thrashing Rogen received in his Kim Jong-un-centered comedy “The Interview” (2014) was another story.

People were “taking joy in talking shit about it and really kind of questioning the types of people that would want to make a movie like that,” Rogen said, adding, “That felt far more personal.”

Rogen’s discussion about his negative reviews starts at the 29-minute mark in the interview below.