‘SNL’ Rips Mike Lindell, Fox News Over Dominion Voting Systems Lawsuit

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The host, however, had the totally wrong person in mind.

“They sent him away for life, look how sad he looks, where’s that picture I found,” said Gardner before a picture of convicted murderer Alex Murdaugh popped up.

The hosts later amended private texts from Fox stars and claimed that media outlets were reporting on them “completely out of context.”

“Like this one from Sean Hannity, ‘Rudy Giuliani is insane,’ how could you leave out the rest? It’s ‘Rudy Giuliani is insane…ly hot. I just wanna lick that head dye right off,’” quipped Brian Kilmeade (played by Bowen Yang).

“Every Dominion machine has a Venezuelan Oompa Loompa inside,” Johnson joked.

You can watch more of the segment below.