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Stephen Colbert Gives Trump’s Latest ‘Scam’ A Hilariously Over-The-Top Makeover

The $99 cards were slammed by critics as “nightmare fuel,” and Colbert couldn’t agree more after seeing images such as these:

“He’s with a lion that is on fire, that is pawing at the Earth, which is also floating in the cloudy sky of Earth, in front of the beautiful constellation 45 RU,” Colbert described. “That one, of course, brought to you by Kyle, who took some mushrooms and started playing around with his AI art bot.”

If that’s not over-the-top enough, Colbert came up with an idea for one that could be featured in the next round of “collectible embarrassments” to be released by Trump.

“I’m thinking: playing guitar, on a motorcycle, on a boat, hanging from a helicopter, piloted by a lava gorilla, in space,” Colbert described.

Check out what it would look like in his Wednesday night monologue: