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Stephen Colbert Spots Uncomfortably Awkward Fox News Moment For Ron DeSantis

“That’s like Discovery Channel banning sharks!” Colbert said in disbelief.

Fox News has been trying to highlight alternatives to Trump, especially Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who is reportedly considering challenging the former president for the 2024 GOP nomination.

But things didn’t go to plan when “Fox & Friends” cohost Brian Kilmeade went to a diner in DeSantis’ old congressional district in Florida to see if he could find any supporters.

Most of the people he spoke to said they still support Trump. Even a woman in a DeSantis T-shirt gave a lukewarm “either/or” when asked if she’d pick DeSantis over Trump.

“Either or?” said Colbert. “That’s like Mr. Met saying, ’Go Mets! Or Yankees! I’m not really into baseball.’”

See more in his Thursday night “Late Show” monologue: