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Tamron Hall Reacts To Larsa Pippen’s Criticism About Their On-Air Interview

Talk show host Tamron Hall recently addressed criticism from reality TV star Larsa Pippen that Hall gave her a tough time during Pippen’s appearance on the “Tamron Hall” show in February.

The Daytime Emmy-winning veteran journalist discussed the exchange with Pippen during an appearance on E! News on Tuesday, saying that Pippen was “entitled” to her feelings.

“But the reality — and how I approach every interview — I want people to know that they’re in a safe space,” she said. “I want them to know that this is an authentic conversation, and my job is to not waste the time of the people watching at home.”

“I don’t want you at home to do my job,” she later added. “You’re already giving me your time. So for me, it’s always a respectful environment. I don’t benefit from an ambush interview.”

Hall then explained that, although guests know the topics of discussion ahead of the show, they don’t know the actual questions in order to protect the integrity of the interview. Pippen had pushed back about some of the questions at the time.

“If you know the questions, it’s not an interview — it’s a PR stunt,” she said.

During Pippen’s Feb. 28 appearance on the daytime talk show, Hall asked her several questions about her romance with Michael Jordan’s son Marcus Jordan.

In addition to their 16-year age gap — Pippen is 48 and Marcus Jordan is 32 – Hall asked about their unexpected relationship given their ties to each other.

Pippen married basketball star Scottie Pippen in 1997, and they divorced in 2021. Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan were a legendary NBA duo during the Chicago Bulls dynasty in the 1990s. The two men have spoken publicly about their strained relationship in recent years.

“Why would you date Michael Jordan’s son knowing that, it’s been pretty clear, that Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan didn’t have this relationship people thought and certainly don’t have it now?” Hall said in one part of a question to Larsa Pippen.

“I can’t basically explain how someone else feels. That’s how Scottie feels; he has a right to the way he feels,” she responded. “I personally don’t really care about what other people — I live my truth, I’m happy.”

The “Real Housewives of Miami” star added that Marcus Jordan was her “best friend.”

Elsewhere in the segment, Hall told the studio audience that Larsa Pippen had confronted her about being “negative” during a commercial break, according to a clip of the show posted on TikTok.

Hall and Pippen had also apparently been discussing Pippen’s interactions with her cast mates on “Real Housewives.”

“We’re not mean to each other. I feel like you don’t have it right,” Pippen said at one point, according to the clip.

Pippen and Marcus Jordan went Instagram official in January. She posted a photo of them embracing in an Instagram post last week, writing, “To the moon and back.”