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The best products we've tested in February: Cookware sets, mattresses and more

CNN Underscored is constantly testing products — be those cookware sets, mattresses or wireless earbuds — to find the absolute best in each respective category. Our testing process is rigorous, starting out by spending hours of research to find the top products in each category. Once we create a testing pool of products, we test and retest each product multiple times in real-world settings over several weeks or even months.

This year, we’ve already tested dozens of products — from daily planner apps to games for PlayStation 5 to MacBooks — to find the best products you need to make life better. Here are the winning products from February.

The $80 earbuds to get

If you’re looking to spend around $80 on your next pair of earbuds — without sacrificing high-end features like ANC and sound customization — the EarFun Air Pro 3 are the ones to get.

An affordable pair of high-end earbuds

If you’re looking for a pair of high-quality wireless earbuds for less than $200 — and especially if you have a OnePlus phone — the Buds 2 Pro offer a lot for the money.

The upgrade pick for best MacBook

If you’re a creative professional or a hardcore power user, or you simply feel like splurging on the best that Apple has to offer, the 14-inch MacBook Pro is the laptop to get. It’s an especially great upgrade for first-time Pro buyers, or anyone coming from an old Intel model.

A great way to digitally read books and take notes in one device

The Kindle Scribe is a great note-taking and reading device — if you don’t mind its limited software and large size.

A must-play modern horror classic

A built-from-the-ground-up remake, Dead Space not only retains its source material’s best elements — particularly its dismemberment-driven combat — but also offers across-the-board improvements and enhancements, while layering in some entirely fresh, fright-fueling features.

The Wizarding World game fans have always wanted

While a few flaws occasionally sap it of its magic, Hogwarts Legacy is, by and large, the immersion-ratcheting Wizarding World game fans have long been waiting for.

Best cookware set overall

Affordable cookware with an excellent variety of pieces, Tramontina’s 12-piece set is crafted from aluminum clad stainless steel and is induction-friendly to boot. A solid choice that checks all the boxes, these pots and pans were our favorite in terms of performance, ergonomics and even nonstick handling. All for a great value.

A custom-made bed with white-glove delivery that’s great for back sleepers

The Saatva Classic Mattress comes in your choice of two depths and three firmness levels, all of which offer a lot of support, which back sleepers will appreciate. Fuss-free, white-glove delivery comes at no extra charge.  

Android smartphones

Best Android phone overall

The Galaxy S23 is the best overall Android phone for the money, offering great performance, excellent cameras and some of the best battery life we’ve tested on a phone.

The ultimate big-screen smartphone

If you lean toward Android and are willing to pay more than $1,000 on your next phone, the Galaxy S23 Ultra has the best combination of cameras, performance and features for its price.

Best daily planner app for mobile overall

Todoist Pro’s many templates, nested lists and keyboard menu shortcuts helped us easily organize and complete our daily tasks during testing. We also liked the Todoist Pro’s wide array of integrations with other apps.

Hybrid robot mop and vacuums

A hybrid robot that does a great job of mopping and vacuuming

The Roomba Combo j7+ is a mastermind mash-up of vacuum and mop. With a robotic arm that lifts the mop pad above even the highest-pile carpet, it’s the first combination robot we’ve tested that does everything well, and can do all your toughest cleaning at the push of a button.