The essentials list: Actress Demi Moore shares her 7 everyday must-haves

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Demi Moore starts her mornings with a neck snuggle from her adorable teacup chihuahua, Pilaf. Then the actress and a close circle of female friends share a list in which they detail three things they’re grateful for and three things they fear. They offer a daily affirmation — and then Moore tries her best to adhere to it.

“For me, well-being is a choice of living consciously with intention, being mindful and making choices that are memorable and meaningful,” says the star of beloved and acclaimed hits like “Ghost,” “Disclosure” and “Margin Call.” “It isn’t something I fit into my lifestyle; it’s just how I live my life.”

That’s why Moore says a Wonderbelly investment was “a no-brainer.” As an FDA-regulated, over-the-counter antacid, the brand’s chewable tablets relieve heartburn, indigestion and a sour stomach with tasty flavors such as Strawberry Milkshake, Lemon Sorbet and Watermelon Mint. “I love the brand’s voice and mission — it makes such a meaningful impact not only with its medicine but in the way people talk about their bodies and digestive health,” she says. “It really checks all the boxes.”

Moore had a gut feeling that Wonderbelly should be a part of her regular routine from the get-go. “The first time I tried it, I was blown away at how great it tasted and how well it worked,” she says. She’s also a fan of its vegan, non-GMO ingredients: Instead of talc, dyes and artificial sweeteners, each tablet consists of calcium carbonate as well as plant-based sucrose, maize starch, vegetable cellulose, vegetable magnesium stearate and natural flavors derived from fruit and vegetable extract.

But Wonderbelly is just one of her self-care essentials. A firm believer in “prioritizing care for my mind, body and spirit starting from the inside out,” Moore rounds up seven of her everyday favorites for CNN Underscored.

Moore raves that this compact beauty product, which is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, is “great at night and all day.” Available in both matte and glossy finishes, this editor-loved balm helps deliver long-lasting lip moisture in six different scents, including Berry and Vanilla. “I always have it on hand and really find that it nourishes my lips, keeping them soft, smooth and hydrated,” she says.

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“I love this basic tee,” Moore says of her beloved vintage white shirt. “It’s classic, comfortable and a wardrobe essential that I know I can always throw on to look and feel good.” Originally created in 2004 (and based on a classic thrift store tee), this 100% cotton closet staple is famous for its heathered texture and softness. (Because it’s so lightweight, the J.Crew experts suggest washing it as if it were lingerie.)

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It’s no surprise that when it comes to exercise, Moore rolls with it. “As someone who loves to stay active, it’s so essential to show my muscles some love before and after exercise,” she says of this durable tool, which increases flexibility, reduces soreness and eliminates muscle knots. This foam roller, she explains, is a must-use because “it’s made for travel and so easy to take with me when I’m on the move!”

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Moore heads to the tropics each day, thanks to her favorite snack: “Freshly cut pineapple, cold. It’s refreshing, deliciously sweet and hydrating and makes me feel like I’m on vacation.” Per Heathline, just one cup of the fruit contains beneficial nutrients such as vitamin C (88% of your daily value), manganese and enzymes to aid digestion and may also help boost immunity and lower cancer risk.

“I always keep it on hand,” Moore says. “It’s made with clean ingredients and is the best-tasting antacid I’ve ever tried, and it’s not chalky like many other brands.” Bonus: “It’s really effective in relieving heartburn.”

For hairy situations only! Moore lathers up with a nourishing antioxidant-rich shampoo that delivers a soft yet strong feel and silky shine followed by a sulfate-free moisturizing rinse. “It works perfectly on my long hair and keeps it full, healthy and balanced,” she says. “It’s never greasy or dry.”

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To wind down, Moore listens to Justin Michael Williams’ “Intention Setting” meditations on the Insight Timer app. In each session, the Grammy-nominated artist, teacher, speaker and author of “Stay Woke: A Meditation Guide for the Rest of Us” guides his listeners through transformative practices. The ultimate goal, per the official site, is for everyone to “embark on a journey of growth.”

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