The Final Season Of ‘Succession’ Is Definitely Going To Stress Us Out

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What a scene-setter of a final season premiere. As always, I probably missed a bunch of little moments and references. Everything in this show is just so brilliantly detailed.

I think the siblings have won the battle, but not the war. We shall see. They will probably get played again, because as Tom says to Kendall in Season 3: “I’ve seen you get fucked a lot, but I’ve never seen Logan get fucked once.”

Based on that teaser following this episode, looks like Tom and Shiv will be beefing for much of this season. I am very intrigued.

One of my many fascinations with this show is how everything is a transaction, so a couple of lines that stood out to me that further that sort of thesis statement.

  • Cousin Greg describing his date as “another tick on the chart.”
  • Logan saying that people are simply “economic units” and how we’re all just part of a market.
  • And in that big Tom/Shiv showdown, Tom suggesting they get into “a full account of the pain in our marriage,” and Shiv’s response: “I don’t want to rake up a whole lot of bullshit for no profit, Tom.” What a line!

I was half-listening to the post-episode commentary as I was typing this, and creator Jesse Armstrong notes that uncharacteristically reflective scene between Logan and Colin, and says that one way to think about this show is that it’s “a show about mortality.”

“And that interests me seeing somebody who’s maybe committed quite a lot of capital to not thinking about where all human lives go. And you can keep that at bay for a long time, but no one can keep it at bay forever,” he says.

As I’ve said before, I really think Logan might actually die because it would be a fitting end. It’s hard to imagine a more explosive or consequential or definitive ending. I will keep pushing this theory — with the caveat, of course, that I could be very wrong!

I cannot wait to talk nonstop about this show for the next 10 weeks. There are few shows during the last couple of years that have felt this dominant in the cultural conversation (lol, I sound like Kendall), and I’m so looking forward to all the things we’ll have to say about this final season.