This Genius Shopping Hack Will Help You Find Your Signature Fragrance

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Over the past few years, my fragrance collection has grown from occupying a tiny corner on my vanity to several full shelves in my bathroom. But my interest in perfumes started with the purchase of a Sephora discovery set, which contained a couple of sample-size scents from brands I’d been wanting to get my hands on.

I found a few new favorites from this set (which is no longer available, but was similar to this one) and wasted no time in scooping up full-size bottles of them. And according to Maiya Gant, a Los Angeles-based fragrance influencer and creator of Black Girls Smell Good, discovery sets are a great option for both people beginning to dip their toes into fragrance and avid enthusiasts alike.

“Discovery sets are a great buy for those who are new to the world of fragrance and want to hone in on their personal tastes,” she told HuffPost over email. ”They are also perfect for the scent-obsessed like myself, who want to add to their fragrance library without breaking the bank on multiple full-size bottles.”

Plus, if you prefer to shop for fragrances online over in-store, discovery sets let you test out different scents before committing to a big bottle that you may end up not even liking. Not to mention, just think of all the space you’ll save by having fewer bottles taking up room on your shelves.

We asked Gant to name a couple of her favorite perfume discovery sets that are worthy of a spot in your beauty routine. Check them out below.

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