Trump Says Vote For Him In 2024 To Fund ‘Freedom Cities’ And Flying Cars

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With his third presidential bid underway, former President Donald Trump painted a grandiose picture of what the country could look like if voters gave him another chance ― and it wasn’t too dissimilar from “The Jetsons.”

By the time the first Trump administration concluded, the country was left reeling from an unprecedented, violent attack on the Capitol and a deadly pandemic.

But a second Trump administration would bring “a quantum leap in the American standard of living,” Trump said, with brand-new cities, another baby boom and a push to develop flying vehicles.

“Past generations of Americans pursued big dreams and daring projects that once seemed absolutely impossible,” he began a new four-minute campaign video posted to Truth Social, the Twitter knockoff he launched after being booted from mainstream social media for refusing to stop spreading misinformation.

Trump proposed a contest to develop 10 new cities on federal land nationwide, nicknamed “Freedom Cities.” Grants would apparently be awarded to those who came up with the best city plans, although Trump offered almost zero specific details.

The Freedom Cities would “reopen the frontier” by giving “hundreds of thousands of young people and other people” a chance to buy new homes and new cars, which would somehow also be cheaper.

Meanwhile, he claimed plans to push American companies to outmaneuver their Chinese counterparts in developing “vertical takeoff and landing vehicles for families and individuals.” While such vehicles are in development, they are not widely viewed as being close to market.

Trump also claimed he would ask Congress to support a “baby bonus” to encourage a new baby boom, presumably to populate the new Freedom Cities, even though proposals to support parents of young children have already faced staunch and widespread opposition from Republicans.

Lastly, Trump spoke of efforts to beautify the country, saying that he would challenge governors nationwide to get “rid of ugly buildings,” revitalize parks and ensure “a pristine environment” that features “towering monuments to our true American heroes.”

He took a moment to praise local police, saying, “They will do the job the way they have to.”

Trump’s ability to cinch the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, however, is far from certain.