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Tucker Carlson Guffaws Over Twitter Layoffs In Elon Musk Interview

Tucker Carlson cackled at Elon Musk’s explanation for firing thousands of Twitter employees during a Fox News interview on Monday. (Watch the video below.)

Musk laid off about 5,500 people since buying the company in October, numbers that prompted laughter from the Fox News host as Musk snarked through the reasons for the mass dismissals.

Musk said 20% of his original staff was left and that some departures were voluntary.

Carlson noted that an 80% worker reduction was “a lot.”

“If you’re not trying to run some sort of glorified activist organization … and you don’t care that much about censorship, then you can really let go of a lot of people, it turns out,” Musk said.

Carlson practically doubled over in laughter and exuded glee in telling Musk an anecdote about his job cuts.

“I had dinner with somebody who runs a big company recently,” the Fox News host recalled to Musk. “He said, ‘I’m really inspired by Elon.’ And I said, ‘The free speech stuff?’ He goes, ‘No, the firing the staff stuff.’”

Musk followed up by saying his company was “absurdly overstaffed” and that its product development didn’t match its years of existence.

Musk has shared his own unfiltered views on the platform lately to falsely blame the murder of Cash App founder Bob Lee on San Francisco’s “horrific” crime problem and to troll mainstream news organizations like NPR and the CBC.

Carlson, meanwhile, may be heard on a different platform, a court of law, as Dominion Voting Systems’ $1.6 billion lawsuit against Fox News is set to begin. Dominion says the conservative network defamed the company by having many of its hosts and guests falsely claim Dominion machines were to blame for Donald Trump’s election defeat in 2020.