Tucker Carlson Roasted For Complaint About ‘Old Men’ Running Countries

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“Eighty-two-year-old men should not be running countries,” the Fox News host complained on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” “They are not strong enough, mentally or physically. Everybody knows that.”

Carlson dedicated the segment to bashing the president, who is 80, about his age, arguing that he is too old to run for reelection. Carlson routinely highlights Biden’s speaking gaffes to cast the president as senile.

He did not offer the same complaints about former President Donald Trump, who is just four years younger than Biden. If Trump were to win his 2024 campaign, he would be the same age as Biden was (78) when elected president and 82 at the end of his term.

Rupert Murdoch, who owns the international conservative media empire that Carlson works for, is 91.

Hypocrisy aside, Twitter users suggested many ways one can be weak, at any age: