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Twitter Users Dump On Trump After Jury Finds Him Liable For Sexual Abuse, Defamation

Donald Trump didn’t seem pleased Tuesday when a jury found him liable for sexually abusing and defaming the writer E. Jean Carroll. Others, though, seemed to regard the outcome as something worth celebrating, or at least as an occasion for a few jabs at the former president.

The jury found Trump liable for sexual abuse, though not rape, and said he owes $5 million in total damages to Carroll.

On his Truth Social platform, Trump reacted to the verdict by declaring in all caps that he has “ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA WHO THIS WOMAN IS,” and that the “VERDICT IS A DISGRACE – A CONTINUATION OF THE GREATEST WITCH HUNT OF ALL TIME!”

Meanwhile on Twitter, there was just a bit of schadenfreude in evidence.

One person tweeted a callback to one of the trial’s more startling moments.

Others wondered how Trump’s supporters and the Republican Party might react.

One person gave Trump some snarky “sympathy.”

Others wondered how journalists might describe Trump going forward.

One person noted that Trump’s comments about the verdict fit into a definite pattern.

Another person was fascinated by how the media was covering the verdict ― or not!

Others wondered how the verdict will affect CNN’s town hall meeting with Trump, scheduled for Wednesday.