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Watch Jennifer Lawrence Try To Date A Nerd’s ‘Brains Out’ In Raunchy Sex Comedy

“Hunger Games” star Jennifer Lawrence is just plain hungry as a down-and-out woman who answers an ad to seduce a Princeton-bound nerd in a trailer for “No Hard Feelings.” (Watch the video below.)

Fans on YouTube, where the preview dropped on Thursday, appeared pleased with the Oscar winner’s career change of pace.

“This fully had me laughing,” one wrote. “Perfect movie for Jennifer to showcase her comedic side,” another gushed.

The broad sex comedy shows Lawrence’s character dishing out double entendres like “Mind if I touch your wiener?” to the lad (played by Andrew Feldman), who’s holding a dachshund.

She tries to show him the ways of the world with goofy results while he appears to win her over as a lovable dweeb.

One of the surprise moments features a barely recognizable Matthew Broderick, who plays the boy’s father, urging Lawrence’s character to “date him, date him hard.”

“I’ll date his brains out,” she quips.

The movie is due out in June.